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Golf Outing Fundraiser Alternative

Golf outing fundraisers are often one of the biggest fundraising event opportunities for any organization. Pulling off a successful golf outing can raise tens or hundreds of thousands for an organization.

Golf outings are also wrought with pitfalls that can end up costing an organization thousands of dollars. Bad weather is the number one issue that plagues a golf outing. Rain dates are the only solution to such a problem. However, rebooking a popular or private golf course is often difficult and can take months to reschedule and replan, and most often, an organization will lose participants and volunteers to conflicting obligations.

There is a less problematic and popular alternative to a traditional golf outing, have it indoors.


Why ARE indoor golf outings better?


Increased attendance

Indoor golf outings are becoming all the rage as the venues appeal to both golfers and non-golfers. Indoor golf is challenging for a golfer and not intimidating to a non-golfer, which is why you can increase attendance.

No rain dates are needed, which means you can count on your funds being raised. Like the post office, rain, sleet, snow, or hail, you can still golf indoors. Venues like The Dome in NJ offer two levels of indoor golf under a huge dome, allowing attendees to not only hit a ball and watch it fly through the air but they can do it in a climate-controlled environment no matter what mother nature is doing outside.


Fun for all

Indoor golf facilities like The Dome also offer other activities such as Axe throwing, arcades, sports simulators, and even virtual rollercoasters, and a fully stocked bar and restaurant on the premises. Non-golfers can participate in the fun.


Raise your profit

It costs less to hold an indoor golf outing as opposed to an outdoor venue. Everything is contained in one area, more people can attend, and you can even hold an outdoor golf outing in the winter or at night when it’s impossible to go outside.


Why not have two golf outings?

Organizations that have successful golf outings outdoors are choosing to have a second “winter” golf outing indoors to raise even more money when their members and constituents are aching to swing a club. It’s a great fundraiser in the colder months of the year and a great way to bolster fundraising numbers at the end or beginning of a year.


The golf outing venue matters

Indoor golf outings are not as much fun with golf simulators. The Dome offers a unique and memorable venue with more than just golf, but when it comes to golf, your members will remember playing at The Dome. Toptracer range technology allows for the same type of play you would expect at an outing but tracks every shot and can even provide leaderboards to increase the competition.

44 bays on two levels under a HUGE dome increases the experience and fun factor way beyond a golf simulator.

Be our guest and take a tour of The Dome, and you’ll see just how much fun your event can be.


Plan your indoor golf outing properly

The Dome has indoor golf outing packages as well as details on the profitability of such an event. Just fill out the form below to request a package or discuss your golf outing needs with in-house event planners and indoor golf outing specialists.


How to plan a successful golf outing?


Know your golfers

Many golf outing attendees are looking for something out of the norm, private golf clubs they cannot access on their own, or something fun and different, such as an indoor golf outing that appeals to golfers and non-golfers alike.


Determine your revenue goals and set a budget accordingly

If you start with the amount of revenue, you want to garner from a golf outing or roughly know what kind of funds you’re looking to raise. It helps to set a budget for your golf outing, determine if it will be an outdoor or an indoor golf outing, and what types of aligned events to have, such as silent auctions, golf contests, raffles, and even the price to set for attendees and sponsors.


Select a date for your golf outing

Outdoor golf outings in NJ must take place in optimal weather. Most golf outings are at the tail end of summer, the beginning of fall as the weather is most favorable. Outdoor golf outings also have a lot of competition. Investigate competing organizations to see when they hold their golf outings, as attendees will only take time out for so many events a season.

Indoor golf outings offer a weather safe and less competitive environment, allowing organizations to hold their golf outing in the winter months when other organizations are not, and when their constituents are itching to play a round, they can also be held at night. Indoor golf outings cost less and have a higher attendance as they appeal to both golfers and non-golfers alike. Some organizations hold two outings, one in-season at a golf course and a second winter outing at an indoor golf facility.


Determine logistics and needs to support the golf outing

From sponsors to staff and volunteers, indoor golf outings, or outdoor venues, it takes people and planning to create a golf outing that people enjoy. Put a committee together and make sure you have marketing, sales, logistics, and golfers in the mix.