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Team Building Events

When it comes to team building, finding the perfect venue in NJ that combines fun, excitement, and convenience is crucial. Our indoor golf and entertainment venue is precisely what you need to create the ultimate team building experience for any size team, large or small.

Spectacular Indoor Driving Range

Our venue boasts an indoor driving range like no other, with two massive levels housed under the largest dome in the Northeast. This unique feature provides a spacious and immersive environment for your team to practice their swing and improve their golf skills, but most importantly, build team cohesion. With the convenience of an indoor setup, weather conditions will never hinder your team building event, allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Enhanced Axe Throwing Experiences

Team building is all about fostering camaraderie and encouraging healthy competition. Our venue takes axe throwing to the next level, offering enhanced axe throwing experiences with custom video overlays that can be branded and customized to your needs. Our axe throwing cages offer unique games that will challenge and engage your team members. Under the guidance of our experts, they can learn new skills, build trust, and form lasting bonds, all while having a blast.

Boardwalk-Style Arcade Games

A little friendly competition goes a long way in team building. Our venue features a boardwalk-style arcade, complete with a wide array of games that foster competitive spirit, teamwork, and positive energy. From classic favorites like air hockey and pool/billiards, to the latest cutting-edge arcade games, there’s something to suit every taste and skill level. Your team members can engage in exciting challenges, compete for high scores, and create memorable moments together.

Virtual Reality Rollercoaster

Prepare your team for an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other. Our venue offers a virtual reality rollercoaster with the only two-axis 360-degree rotation experience in NJ, immersing your team members in a thrilling and realistic experience. This attraction not only provides a memorable adventure but also encourages teamwork, as your team members can support and cheer each other on throughout the virtual ride.

Sports Simulators

State-of-the-art sports simulators from Topgolf Swing Suite allow your team to experience exciting and realistic competition in a fun and interactive way. Whether it’s golf, soccer, basketball, or beyond, our simulators provide an immersive and engaging experience, fostering teamwork, strategy, and healthy competition among your team members. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to bond, learn, and enjoy the thrill of sports together.

Restaurant and Sports Bar

After an exhilarating day of team building activities, your team can relax and unwind at the Tap-In Restaurant & Sports Bar, serving mouthwatering food and top-shelf drinks and cocktails. The casual and vibrant atmosphere of our sports bar encourages conversation and camaraderie, allowing your team members to connect and share their experiences while enjoying a well-deserved meal. Custom menus and signature branded drinks can be created for your team building event.

On-Site Team Building Experts
and Event Coordinators

We understand that planning a team building event can be overwhelming. That’s why our on-site team building experts and event coordinators will assist you every step of the way. From conceptualization to execution, our dedicated professionals will work closely with you to customize the event according to your team’s goals and ensure a seamless and successful team building experience.

We are the right choice for your team building event. By choosing The Dome, you’re offering your team a truly exceptional team building experience. The Dome USA offers everything required to enhance the team building experience and create a memorable and motivational team building event that reminds your team that they work for a world-class organization dedicated to supporting them.

Take the first step towards building a stronger, more cohesive team and book your team building event with us today!