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Bachelor Parties at the dome

The perfect bachelor party venue is right here in NJ.

Want to plan a bachelor party in New Jersey that no one will forget and the bride-to-be will approve of? We have just the thing! A great bachelor party has several key elements that combine to create a memorable and enjoyable experience and send the groom off with a bang –

Fun and Exciting Activities that are Personalized to the Groom

The party should be filled with fun and exciting activities that provide entertainment and create lasting memories. The Dome offers something for every groom’s interests, from our massive two-level driving range under the largest dome in NJ, to enhanced axe throwing games using our state-of-the-art video projection system, arcade games such as billiards, air hockey, first-person shooters and classic boardwalk-style games, Topgolf Swing Suite football, baseball, and soccer simulators, and beyond, plus amazing food and drinks.


Our interactive activities in a huge, immersive environment will certainly align with the groom’s interests and provide opportunities for friendly competition, bonding, and camaraderie among friends.

A Low-Key, Informal Atmosphere of Friendship

While thrilling activities, like the only two-axis 360-degree virtual roller coaster in NJ, will inject excitement into the party, it’s also important to have moments of downtime for relaxation, conversation, and reflection. In our on-site restaurant and sports bar, friends can enjoy each other’s company during the bachelor party over delicious food and signature cocktails.

The Dome has all the ingredients for a great bachelor party that strikes a balance between adventure and relaxation. Let our bachelor party coordinators help to create a customized, memorable, fun, exciting, respectful, and inclusive environment for a great bachelor party with tons of thoughtful and exciting surprises!

Contact our onsite event and party planners today to discuss all the possibilities for a truly one-of-a-kind bachelor party.

Bachelorette Parties


Celebrate the bride-to-be with a bachelorette party designed to be remembered!

Looking for a venue to have a bachelorette party that has something for everyone? You’re in the right place! The Dome is the hottest entertainment venue in NJ.

Reserve space in one of our PAR-TEE Suites under the largest dome in the area. Imagine looking out onto the field and seeing customized targets… maybe pictures of the groom-to-be’s exes? Grab a golf club and nail that target right between the eyes!

There is no limit to the bachelorette party possibilities at The Dome. From enhanced axe throwing with custom video overlays to our spinning and rotating virtual reality roller coaster and an arcade with boardwalk style games and classic video games, we have an evening of great fun for everyone in store.

Savor the culinary delights provided by our executive chef in our restaurant and sports bar. We can customize menus and even create signature cocktails for the bride-to-be!

If you’re looking for an entertaining, fun, unique, inclusive and memorable bachelorette party in NJ to send off the bride in style, speak to one of our bachelorette party planners and let’s start this marriage with a bang!